Pet Master

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Play Pet Master!
From the makers of the mega-hit Coin Master, here comes the next big thing, but with a seriously awesome twist…Pet Master! This social game is a FREE Pet-tastic adventure filled with the most stunning graphics and endless fun, so grab your friends and run in now to see why millions of people around the world are going WILD for Pet Master!

Amazing Pet Adventures!
Team up with Piggy’s best friend, Raccoon, as you travel through time and space snatching up exciting treats and building up Magical Pet Kingdoms! Get ready to hang with Cleocatra in Ancient Egypt, camp in the wild mountains with a family of Moose, take a gondola ride along a Venice canal with a Pelican gondolier, and hit up a boxing match of Panthers on your way to a Bull Palace in Scotland – your paw prints will be everywhere and you never know where the Pet Map will take you next!

Snap Up Spins, Coins and Cards!
What’s a journey across the globe without legendary memorabilia to show for it?! The more you play, the more you can snatch up those necessary prizes, including Coins, Spins & many other scrumptious spoils. Another sure way to get your paws on prizes is by snagging the most charming animal-themed chests you’ve ever seen. These chests are the key to building up your card collection and filling your Pet card albums, which also leads you to insanely epic rewards! Rawr!

It Takes A Village!
Build up & defend your Pet villages one by one, clawing your way to the top to become the greatest Pet Master of them all! Collect shields as you go to protect yourself from attacks. Luckily, you can always get revenge and launch fur-ocious attacks on your friends, scooping up whatever loot you can to take back to your village!

Then, sneak into your friends’ villages like the ultimate Raccoon bandit that you are and carry out the PERFECT raid. Dig up gold coins, chests filled with mystery surprises & more…finders keepers is our motto!

Never Be BOARD!
Hop across exciting themed gameboards where you can try your luck to catch goodies galore, including Golden Airdrops that are packed with awesome prizes, boosters and coins. Of course you’ll need DICE to keep you rolling into the good times on these boards, and because we OTTERly adore you, we toss you some free rolls daily!

Don’t forget to TREAT yourself also! Snatch dreamy packs & deals filled with special limited-time prizes, like super rare Chests and bonus Spins. We’re not LION, they tend to come and go as they please…!

Play With Friends & Win MORE!
For every adventure, you’ll always have a sidekick in Raccoon, whether you’re prowling for Diamond treasures or chasing lucky Rubber Ducks. However, it’s even MORE fun when you get all your two legged friends to play with you! Invite everyone you know to join in the WILD fun and show them you have what it takes to be the ultimate Pet Master!

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