Spades Royale

Spades Royale

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All REWARDS OF Spades Royale

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Play the most exclusive online multiplayer card game with friends and Spades players from all around the world!

You love to play classic card games such as bridge, euchre, gin rummy, canasta, pinochle, solitaire, tonk hearts or bid whist then Spades Royale is the right card game for you and your friends and it's free.

Challenge online your social media friends or make new social media friends!
Play live the best thrilling multiplayer free card game with other players near your skill level that provides a fair experience for everyone! Play multiplayer Spades online plus chat with other Spades Players!

Best Online Multiplayer Card Game for Free
Live Spades Royale is one of the most popular multiplayer card games online. If you love to play popular online card games with friends, then pick up the game cards and choose between different modes like two-player or solo (‘cutthroat spades’).

If you enjoy to play multiplayer online gambling and you are familiar with terms like 'queen of spades', 'ace of spades' and you know what 'trick taking' and 'trickster' mean, then you will love the app. FREE Spades & FUN - live, online card game with friends and social media contacts

Spades Rules
Free Spades is a trick taking card game similar to popular top card games like bridge, tonk, bid whist, euchre, pinochle, solitaire, hearts, gin rummy & canasta. However, in this social free card game, trickster spades always trump! Not another Solitaire game - try online spades now with additional modes: bidding, blind nil, cutthroat, nil bids and joker.

The best card game with Jokers and simple rules for you and your friends, easy to play. From the creators of the best, leading free online games - Online Spades Royale lets you play cards with friends and other card Spades players, and chat in-game. Play the live multiplayer game that will feel like you’re playing card games in Vegas!

How to Play Spades
Live Spades is a multiplayer 4 player game where all four players bid on a number of card tricks. If a player bids Blind nil that’s when this top card game goes crazy! It is a Vegas card game you can also play in solo mode without a partner, the rules are simple!

Spades Features:

Live Online Card Play
♠ Enjoy this social game with live players worldwide!
♠ Play Solo Spades or in Partner mode in this 4 players card game
♠ Competitive Leaderboards - Become the KING or QUEEN of spades!
♠ HD Graphics and a Slick Design
♠ Unique live trick-taking card games with chat
♠ Several game options, like solo spades or partner mode
♠ Outstanding card animations

Bid and Win
♦ Free Coin Bonuses Hourly & Daily!
♦ Play Spades with Blind Nil & Nil Bets
♦ Master Game Challenges & Collect Royal Gems!

Unlock New Challenges
♣ Exciting Game Progression, Unlock New Features as you Level Up!
♣ Unlock Challenging Achievements

Great Social Experience
♥ Meet new people and add them as friends to be their best partner or challenge them in games!
♥ Invite your social media contacts to play card games with friends and get bonuses!
♥ Unique Interactive & Custom Avatars
♥ Use chat to stay in touch with other players


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